Commissioned by MEI - ANN’S CIRCLE of FRIENDS
May 16, 2014| CANNON CENTER
7:30 PM

Inspired by the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Memphis Symphony Orchestra’s Rebirth of the Dream will demonstrate the undeniable power that music has to unite individuals and communities. The concert will tell an iconic story of Memphis’ historical relevance and resilience through a musical depiction that will resonate around the world, and create an understanding of how music may be used as a powerful instrument to drive cultural transformation.

The Rebirth of the Dream seeds were planted by a group of 150 diverse women known as Mei-Ann's Circle of Friends (MACF) who recognized a long overdue need for the city to revisit and recover from the assassination of Dr. King – a tragic event that they felt has stifled progress in various aspects including race relations, and educational & economic advancement.

MACF raised the revenue to commission Composer, Paul Brantley to write the Rebirth of the Dream composition. In this work for full orchestra and a gospel chorus, Composer Brantley says that he has "created a sequence of three movements - Invocation, Meditation, and Affirmation - that moves from an acknowledgement of the community's pain into a vision of hope and action - with hopes of evoking a new narrative for Memphis.”


To build momentum for the Rebirth of the Dream concert, a collective of 14 non-profit organizations called ‘Dream Keeper Collaborators’ with distinct missions grounded in Dr. King’s work, has formed to support the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Through various forms of education, advocacy, public engagement and outreach, the Dream Keeper Collaborators will build awareness and initiate public dialogue on ways citizens can make a substantive impact towards making Dr. King’s dream for social, civil, and economic equality a true reality.

Watch Maestra Chen and members of Mei-Ann’s Circle of Friends discuss Rebirth of the Dream.
WATCH Memphis Mayor A C Wharton describe how the Rebirth of the Dream concert will uplift and unite our community!